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Heartwarming Action—Masks Gifts for Our Customers

  • Author:MiFo
  • Release on:2020-04-23

Since our company resumed work, we are actively looking foe various channels to purchase epidemic prevention materials.

After the outbreak of foreign diseases, we actively contact all customers especially all trampoline parks we have cooperated to learn their localepidemic situation and provide tehm with some knowledge about epidemic prevention measures.

Of course, the most important thing is that we provide masks for all customers in need free of charge to effectively block the transmission of the virus and protect their health. During this period, we also received many customers sincere thanks and feedback information.

In the face of the epidemic, life is the most precious. We pay for customers regardless of cost, just hope to send warmth and care foe them. Let them know that we are firly together with them!

Here, we also sincerely thank you customer friends for years of cooperation and support.

Spring has arrived, looking forward to the recovery of all things, everything as beautiful as spring!

(If you need any help or need, kindly please contact us!)